I spent the majority of my youth growing up in Munich, Germany while traveling across Europe with and without my parents. Jumping from Country to Country, languages would change, but the icons on subways, restrooms, etc. would stay the same. I couldn’t thank my parents enough for raising me like this. I got a first hand graphic design experience learning how others communicated on a level removed from traditional verbal language itself and through this realized how important design’s role in communication really is.

Combined with my upbringing in a European country, I began to explore other forms of communication and design. I fell in love with music, product design, aesthetics, assembling things together, and just about any form of creative problem solving.

After studying in a full on German school for 8 years, I moved to the US to continue my High School education. Several years later after a class at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, a degree in Graphic Design, a job as Junior Art Director, and a record deal, I am still continuing to learn, improve, and improvise.